The ImmerSUN power diverter is the most sophisticated and successful Power Diverter in the market with tens of thousands of satisfied users.

All that is needed for power diversion is the highly intelligent base unit (T1060) however the state-of-the-Art ImmerSUN is designed with the future in mind and can be upgraded and expanded with two supplementary units allowing for web based monitoring (T1090) and massive diversion expandability, up to 16kW per phase, and installer flexibility (T1070).

The three units consist of:

  • ImmerSUN Power Diverter (T1060)
  • myImmerSUN Remote Monitoring (T1090)
  • ImmerSUN Wireless Sensor (T1070)

ImmerSUN Power Diverter – T1060

The immerSUN is our ‘state of the art’ energy saving device. It helps you to self-consume the free green energy produced by your microgeneration system, and is compatible with all renewable generation technologies, including solar PV, wind turbine and hydro systems.
The device is essentially an automatic power controller that diverts surplus power to a designated load, normally a hot water heater, to save energy and minimise your utility bills.

myImmerSUN Remote Monitoring – T1090

myImmerSUN remote monitoring (T1090) allows you to track and download live energy usage data from your existing ImmerSUN Power Diverter (T1060). An innovative addition to the growing immerSUN family, myimmerSUN remote monitoring allows you to monitor real-time data, and view this on a smartphone, tablet or desktop via a dedicated website. This data is updated every ten seconds and can also be viewed as historical data in graphical form.

ImmerSUN Wireless Sensor – T1070

Designed with the installer in mind, the immerSUN Wireless Sensor simplifies those difficult installations. The immerSUN can now be easily located next to the hot water cylinder or equivalent load. The wireless sensor is then located alongside the distribution board or import meter – no lengthy cable extension is required.

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