ImmerSUN Power Diverter – T1060

The immerSUN is the ‘state of the art’ energy saving device.

It helps you to self-consume the FREE green energy produced by your microgeneration system.

The device is essentially an intelligent automatic power controller that diverts surplus power to designated loads, normally a hot water heater, to save energy and minimise your power bill.

Compatible with all inverters, smart meters and energy monitoring systems, the immerSUN boasts an extensive range of additional features. This controller is the perfect addition to any PV or wind turbine installation.

This helps users to significantly reduce utility bills, lower mains reliance and improve the eco credentials of their property.

  • Tracks surplus power and diverts this energy to the load
  • trusine technology for fast and smooth automatic power adjustment
  • Clear graphical backlit LCD display
  • Indicates current import/export power levels as well as diverted power to the heater
  • Savings are accurately reported for the day and each month as well as the total savings
  • No need to change the existing immersion heater
  • Built-in 7-day programmable boost timer
  • Savings can be displayed in several currencies as well as kWhs
  • Optional wireless current sensor
  • Manual boost function for both heater outputs
  • Integral multi-function relay
  • Up to 5 immerSUN units can be linked using wireless technology, therefore, the total surplus of around 15kW can be consumed on each phase if required
  • Fully short circuit protected in case of load fault
  • Overload protection
  • Power factor correction
  • Soft starting to avoid power surges and extend heater life
  • Complete CE product approvals and full EMC compliance
  • 3-year product warranty

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