ImmerSUN Wireless Sensor – T1070

Designed with the installer in mind, the immerSUN Wireless Sensor simplifies those difficult installations. The immerSUN can now be easily located next to the hot water cylinder or equivalent load. The wireless sensor is then located alongside the distribution board or import meter – no lengthy cable extension is required.

The immerSUN Wireless Sensor uses the mains supply to provide uninterrupted communication via the immerLINK™ protocol, to create a smooth, reliable and efficient connection to the immerSUN. Using mains power instead of batteries ensures that there is never a loss in signal – providing trouble free self-consumption of your generated energy. It also uses the main supply voltage to calculate the power accurately unlike third-party monitoring devices using current only. Using a hard-wired sensor instead of batteries ensures that your device is measuring real-time data.

Up to 5 immerSUN units can be linked using wireless technology, therefore, the total surplus of around 16kW can be consumed on each phase if required.

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