myImmerSUN Remote Monitoring – T1090

Monitor, track and download live energy usage data from your existing immerSUN Power Diverter (T1060). iOS and Android and web compatible.

An innovative addition to the growing immerSUN family, myImmerSUN-iL bridge allows you to monitor real-time data, and view this on a smartphone, tablet or desktop via a dedicated website. This data is updated every ten seconds and can also be viewed as historical data in graphical form.

The myImmerSUN-iL bridge is very easy to install; the additional CT clamp (supplied) is attached to the generation side of your set up, connect the myImmerSUN-iL bridge (supplied) to your router and pair the device with your immerSUN…. job done!

The myImmerSUN-iL bridge remote monitoring will allow you to track and download live and historic energy usage data. This innovative system is compatible with the second generation immerSUN (T1060). Monitoring real-time data and enabling statistics to be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or desktop via a dedicated website.

The main features of the myImmerSUN remote monitoring are:

  • At a glance view of current household power distribution and usage
  • Clear graphical display showing; import/export, generation, power diversion and usage
  • Data updated every ten seconds
  • Financial savings data
  • Historical data can be downloaded and printed off
  • Event logging
  • Remote water/heating boost control, both manual & programmable
  • Quick and easy to install

Hardware contents;

  • myImmerSUN-iL bridge unit (T1090) & Ethernet cable to connect to router
  • Additional CT clamp to allow measurement of power generation of PV system

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