SolarImmersion – FAQ

Q: Do I need to buy or install anything else to make the SolarImmersion work?
No. Everything that is required is included in the SolarImmersion package.


Q: Can SolarImmersion divert to more than one load?
Yes. SolarImmersion can divert to two preferential loads.
E.g. LOAD 1= Hot water Cylinder & LOAD 2 Storage Heater. (Maximum load 3.8kW each) the secondary load will be activated 3 minutes after the Hot Water cylinder thermostat cuts off(and there is surplus power). The loads are sequential; first LOAD 1 will be satisfied than after three minutes’ diversion to LOAD 2 will commence.


Q: Can SolarImmersion support multiple loads at the same time?
Yes, loads connected in parallel up to a total of 3.8kW.
E.g. Connected in parallel on LOAD 1; a 2kW immersion element and 1.8kW heater would add to total of 3.8kW and so would be fine. The SolarImmersion would power both devices.


Q: What is the warranty on the unit?
SolarImmersion comes with a 1 year return to base warranty.


Q: What is the minimum surplus power required for the SolarImmersion to divert the power?
SolarImmersion will start diverting the surplus at 20W.


Q: Could the sensor cable be extended?
Yes, the sensor cable could be extended up to 50m. Most audio cables would be suitable since
the signal is low voltage (10V / low power 20mA).


Q: Will SolarImmersion works with hydro and wind turbines?
Yes, SolarImmersion works with all sorts of grid-tied micro generation systems.


Q: What is the minimum or maximum PV system size that SolarImmersion supports?
SolarImmersion works on PV systems starting from 500W however consider the loads connected to the SolarImmersion unit to ensure you have enough surplus power.There is no upper limit regarding the PV system.


Q: Can SolarImmersion works with other appliances?
Yes. SolarImmersion could be used to control a variety of resistive appliances like under floor heating, storage heaters, electric radiators etc.


Q: What is the maximum load SolarImmersion could support?
The SolarImmersion unit could safely handle up to a 3.8kW load.


Q: What is the dimension of the SolarImmersion unit?
Width: 115mm, Height: 225mm and Depth: 62mm



Q: Is it easy to install SolarImmersion?

Yes, Installing SolarImmersion immersion controller is very easy. As it works with the existing immersion heater in your hot water tank and uses a clip-on sensor to detect the generated power levels, it will only take approx. 1 hour…


Q: How does SolarImmersion communicates with the immersion heater?

SolarImmersion uses the existing wiring from the distribution board to your immersion water heater to control and divert the surplus power.


Q: Do you recommend any location to install the SolarImmersion control unit ?

The recommended location to install the unit is near your distribution board. This makes easy access to your existing immersion wirings and also the grid supply lines to clip the sensor.


Q: Do I need to change the existing immersion heater or hot water tank?

SolarImmersion works with your existing immersion heater (upto 3.8kW)


Q: Do we need to install new wiring from the consumer unit to the immersion?

No, SolarImmersion uses the existing wiring from the distribution board to the water heater. So no new wiring is required.

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