Which Unit is right for me?


The award winning immersun® is our ‘state-of-the-art’ Solar Power Diverter, with advanced reporting and wireless interfaces compatible with iOS and Android. It also has the advantage that you can install up to 5 units per phase allowing you to divert up to 16kW per phase in maximum increments of 3.2kW.

“State of the Art”


The SolarImmersion® unit optimises your self-consumption of free generated power without the ‘Bells and Whistles’ of the ImmerSun. It also has the advantage that it can divert up to 3.8kW loads for larger hot water cylinders. It does what it needs to do at a great price.


Attribute ImmerSun T1060 SolarImmersion MkIV Comments
Manufacturer Sisem Ltd Sisem Ltd UKs leading manufacturer of microgeneration
energy diverters
Place of Manufacture UK UK
Australian/New Zealand Distributor Malabou Ltd Malabou Ltd Australasia’s leading supplier of microgeneration energy controllers
Certified Electrical Safety and EMC Compliance Certified Compliance for Australia, NZ, Europe And UK
Tracks Surplus power and Diverts to Resistive loads Maximise use of your FREE generated Utilises the free electricity
Works with PV, Wind, Hydro Generation Both Units work with All microgeneration systems
No Need to Change Hot Water Immersion Heater Element size up to maximum divert load
Maximum Divert load 3.2kW per load 3.8 kW per load Smaller Loads can be on same ciruit if connected in parallel upto maximum load capacity. Eg heated towel racks.
Number of Divert Loads Up to 3 per unit Up to 2 per unit Load one = Hot Water

Options other loads include:

  • Heat Towel Racks
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Pool Heating
  • Spa (Jacuzzi) Heating
  • Storage Heaters
  • Infra-Heaters.
Connecting load-circuits to Power Diverter Unit With Wireless sensor (T1070) upto 5 immerSUN units can be conventialy installed throughout the house, next to loads. SolarImmersion is installed next to distribution board where dedicted load circuits are connectet to the unit. E.g. Hot Water Circuit ImmerSUN plus Wireless sensor very versatile fro multiple loads. SolarImmersion Requires dedicated load circuits at distribution board.

Maximum Number of units per system

Up to 5 units per phase with wireless sensor T1070

i.e. up to 15 dedicted divert circuits-to- load as per phase

1 per Phase

i.e up to 2 dedicated divert circuits-to-load per phase

Minimum Divert Load Adjustable in increments of 50W Factory pre-set to 20W
Programmable Boost 24 Hours x 7 Day Programmable Boost 24 Hour Programmable Boost (daily repeat)
Manual Over Ride
Holiday Mode
Web access remote control and Programming ✔* *with addition of myImmerSUN iL Bridge (T1090)
iOS & Android App ✔* *with addition of myImmerSUN iL Bridge (T1090)
Optional Wireless Interface ✔* *with addition of myImmerSUN iL Bridge (T1090)
Product Warranty 1 Year Return to base.
(Extendable to 3 Years with registration)
1 Year Return to base.
Price $$$ $$

To have a Solar PV system and not have a Power Diverter is crazy, as the installation of a power diverter will significantly increase the self-consumption of FREE power.

Which unit is right for you?

SolarImmersion MkIV:

Does exactly what it is meant to do at a great price. This is the default install. If you have a relatively small PV system and electrically heated hot water, the simplest and most cost effective solution to maximise use of your FREE power is to Divert your surplus power to your electric hot water cylinder. If you want to achieve this at the lowest cost, then the SolarImmersion unit is right for you. The SolarImmersion typically sits next to your distribution board and connects to the hot water which is already on its own dedicated circuit. You may need to do some rewiring back to the distribution board to create a second dedicated divert load circuit. Most households only connect hot water.

ImmerSUN (T1060):

Bells and Whistles – Great for large Domestic PV systems. If you have an abundance of surplus power and want to maximise your self-consumption, and/or you want web enabled access, then ImmerSUN is right for you.

The ImmerSUN is part of a family of products which includes the myImmerSUN Remote Monitoring (T1090) for web enabled access as well as the Immersion Wireless Sensor(T1070).

The ImmerSUN Wireless Sensor can be installed next to the distribution board and up to 5 ImmerSUN units can be installed, throughout your property, next to the divert loads. No dedicated circuits back to the distribution board are required. You can divert to up to 15 loads with the ImmerSUN system.

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